Emergency Response System - VoiceCare

VoiceCare - a Personal Alarm System for the elderly from New Opportunities Inc.VoiceCare® is an emergency response system installed in a person’s home that directly links them to an On-Call Response Center 24 hours a day. The system consists of a two-way console and a wearable long-range activator.

VoiceCare members quickly access the care they need, whether it's a helping hand from a neighbor, medical assistance, police or fire department assistance. Perfectly suited to older people who live independently, VoiceCare also offers peace of mind to those concerned about or responsible for anyone who is disabled or on their own in a variety of circumstances.

Enrollment with VoiceCare means that a confidential personalized file is created for the new member in VoiceCare's On-Call Center. Once a member’s signal is received at the Center, their personal and medical information is displayed on the terminal, including a list of designated responders such as family, friends and emergency personnel. Any additional response directives the member may have specified to VoiceCare are also displayed on the terminal. Even if someone signals but is unable to speak, the operators can identify that person, where they live and whom to contact.

VoiceCare itself is comprised of a two-way voice console unit that connects to the member's existing phone line and also a lightweight, compact and water-resistant long-range activator that is worn around the neck or on the wrist. When a person wants assistance, they need only press the activator button and it opens a two-way voice conversation between the caller and the On-Call Response Team.

A cell service system is available to customers who no longer have land line phone service. A medication dispersing system is also available which assures that any regular medication a VoiceCare member must take is taken in the right dose and frequency. Financial help for these services is available to qualified applicants.  VoiceCare is available with no restrictions for private pay customers.

For more information, contact Elder Services at (203) 575-4313, email Elder [at] NewOppInc [dot] org or request information through our online VoiceCare Emergency Response System inquiry form.

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