Meals On Wheels Vehicle Advertising

Meals On Wheels Vehicle Advertising SolutionsEach of New Opportunities Inc.'s Meals On Wheels trucks has a 65”X20” frame on the back that is designed to display an advertisement for a business or service. Ads are limited to one per truck. Advertisers pay $65 a month per vehicle.

With more than 10,000 meals served each week in 21 different communities, those who opt to advertise with Meals On Wheels can readily target their market by selecting optimal locations for local exposure. Advertisers may also choose the Greater Waterbury or the Greater Danbury area — or both. Whether a business decides to publicize itself on just one or on a dozen Meals On Wheels trucks, they will also benefit from the positive image of service and helpfulness for which Meals On Wheels is known.

While advertising with Meals On Wheels assures advertisers high visibility at relatively low cost, it also helps raise revenue needed to bring home-delivered meals to the frail elderly and the disabled of any age.

Meals On Wheels accepts display-ready ads or can refer advertisers to a local vendor who will produce the advertisement. All ads must be suitable for outside exposure.

For more information, call Elder Services at (203) 757-7738 or email Nutrition [at] NewOppInc [dot] org.

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