Afro-Latin-Indian Scholarship

New Opportunities Afro Latin Indian ScholarshipThe Afro-Latin-Indian Scholarship Competition, sponsored annually by New Opportunities Inc., is a competitive award opportunity presented to students in Grade 12 who either live in and/or attend school in Waterbury, regardless of race, ethnic background, academic standing or financial need.

Since the scholarship program was created in 1985, over 450 students have benefited from monetary awards of over $945,000. In the words of Dr. James H. Gatling, President and CEO of New Opportunities, “This financial support helps to build the bridge between a child’s dream and the reality of obtaining higher education.”

The 2016 scholarship competition is divided into Poetry and Essay categories.

The application process for the Afro-Latin-Indian Scholarship & Competition takes place in the Spring. Applications are made available at all Waterbury public and private schools, as well as local youth organizations.

For more information call New Opportunities at (203) 575-4209 or email festival [at] NewOppInc [dot] org.

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