Retired and Senior Volunteer Program at New OpportunitiesRSVP, America’s largest volunteer network of people age 55 and over, serving from a few hours to 30 hours each month.

The objective of RSVP is to benefit the community in which we live and the volunteers providing service through their knowledge and life experience. That means doing just about everything.

Some of the activities RSVP Volunteers currently perform are:

  • Drive someone to a medical appointment
  • Collect food for food banks and pantries
  • Assist with Money Management for elderly/disabled
  • Mentor or Tutor a child
  • Assist non-profits
  • Soup Kitchen, Meal Delivery or Thrift shop assist
  • Program Monitoring/Auditing

RSVP is a unique program. Its flexibility enables people with different kinds of expertise and various skill levels to tackle problems that affect their communities in a number of ways. Volunteers can choose how and where they want to serve. They determine the amount of time they want to give. And they decide for themselves whether they’d prefer to draw on their own existing skills or develop new ones in order to accomplish the task at hand. In this way, each participant is able to discover the right fit for their volunteer effort.

RSVP volunteers receive a pre-service orientation along with training from the organization where they will serve.  Supplemental secondary volunteer liability insurance both personal and automobile is provided.  Mileage reimbursement is available for some programs.  RSVP also provides recognition and documented outcomes for services that volunteers provide.

For more information call Elder Services at (203) 575-4220 or email elder [at] NewOppInc [dot] org

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