GiveLocal & Support Meals on Wheels on Wheels

Sunday, May 1, 2016
Waterbury, CT

Your donation through GiveLocal will directly support Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels currently provides 2 meals per day to over 900 homebound seniors. Currently the program has had to cut one day per month from most clients due budget restraints. In addition, Meals on Wheels has a waiting list of over 50 people. Your support for this program is vital to continuing meal services in the Central Naugatuck Valley Region.

  • $25 feeds a senior for a week
  • $100 feeds a senior for a month
  • $1,200 feeds a senior for a year

Animeals provides pet food to our Meals on Wheels recipients pets. Many recipients are dependent on this service to keep their constant companion and themselves healthy and happy at home. Meals on Wheels has provided pet food to over 150 pets annually.

  • $10 feeds a pet for 2 weeks
  • $25 feeds a pet for a month
  • $100 feeds a pet for 4 months
  • $500 feeds a pet for a year

You can donate to Meals on Wheels online May 3rd and 4th by visiting

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