Bishop House Annual Review Data Released

Monday, January 12, 2015
Waterbury, CT

The Bishop House Annual Review data has been released for 2014.

Date From: 1-1-14                 

Date To: 12-31-14


Total Clients Discharged: 131    

Successful Discharges: 95   

Remands: 19    

Escapes: 14 

Other Discharges: 3


Discharged Clients who were employed: 64

Discharged Clients who were enrolled in school: 3

Discharged Clients without housing: 2


Comments: N/A



Reported Cases/Allegations of Sexual Abuse: 0

Substantiated Cases: 0

Reported Cases/Allegations of Sexual Harassment: 0

Substantiated Cases of Sexual Harassment: 0

Survey of Sexual Violence Data: N/A


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