Connecticut Weatherization Project Improves Lives, Receives National Recognition

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Waterbury, CT

Several energy-efficient improvements made to a senior care center in New Milford, Connecticut, are helping residents live healthier and more comfortable lifestyles. The upgrade to the facility also captured a residential energy efficiency award and is an example for other states. With support from the Energy Department’s Weatherization Assistance (WAP) program, the 102-unit Butter Brook Hill Apartment complex is expected to save 600,000 kWh in electricity annually, enough to power more than 55 average U.S. homes for a year.

But the most important step in making the transformation of the facility possible –leveraging local partnerships. When it comes to completing large multifamily weatherization projects, states typically use funds from multiple sources to offset service costs. In fact, a variety of organizations collaborated on this upgrade, including: New Opportunities, Inc., the local WAP sub grantee, which utilized funding from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protections; the Connecticut Efficient Healthy Homes Initiative, a Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program project; and Connecticut Light and Power’s Energize CT’s Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible Ratepayer Fund. Together, these organizations, in conjunction with the Connecticut Housing Investment Fund, turned Butter Brook Hill Apartments into a multifamily facility upgrade project for others to follow.

The project is a great example of WAP’s recent advancements in the multifamily housing energy efficiency upgrade industry. Since 2010, WAP has developed innovative energy audit tools such as the Multifamily Tool for Energy Auditing (MulTEA) and energy conservation measures to meet the unique needs of these buildings throughout the country. Early on, New Opportunities identified a variety of areas for improvement using the Association for Energy Affordability’s multifamily audit tool. This led to the installation of energy-efficient lighting, low-flow showerheads, ductless split heat pumps, new appliances, and better insulation.

For its success in leveraging funds and developing an innovative approach to multifamily home energy upgrades, the Butter Brook Hill Apartments project has been named as a winner in the Weatherization category of State & Local Energy Report’s Residential Energy Efficiency Awards.

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