MedSmart increases prescription (rx) complianceThe MedSmart system, an add-on to VoiceCare, provides the security necessary to be certain the correct prescription medication is taken at the right time, in the proper dosage, while increasing compliance in taking prescription medications.

Used in conjunction with VoiceCare, MedSmart is a great help to seniors and others who are disabled but living independently. It offers a safe and convenient automated solution that organizes, reminds and dispenses medications. This small device is not only reassuring to the person who must regularly consume prescription drugs but also a comfort to their families and loved ones.

Once medical and personal assistance is made immediately accessible with VoiceCare, MedSmart enhances the coverage and confidence of those residing alone by reducing the risk of missed medication and dosing errors.

For more information call Elder Services at (203) 575-4313 or email Elder [at] NewOppInc [dot] org.

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