Meals On Wheels

Meals On Wheels from New Opportunities Inc of CT

Meals On Wheels home-delivers two meals a day up to seven days a week to seniors, age 60 and above, who live within the Greater Waterbury and Greater Danbury areas. Those under 60 years of age with special conditions may also qualify.

Menus for the meals are specially formulated by a registered dietitian. Available diet options include regular diet, chopped & ground, low sodium / low cholesterol, diabetic, low residue, low lactose and renal diets. With daily delivery, recipients get one hot meal as well as a light supper or snack. Meals On Wheels also provides a day’s food for an emergency such as bad weather when delivery might be impossible. This consists of a frozen meal and a shelf-stable meal.

Some Meals On Wheels customers prefer delivery only five days a week; others choose a seven-day supply of this nutritious prepared food. While there are no drivers for the weekend, the meals covering the week-end period are delivered in advance to those who order them.

Senior Meals On Wheels is government subsidized so the older people who use this service are asked only for a voluntary contribution; the amount is most commonly about $5 per day. For the younger people who may access this service because they are disabled or convalescent, the cost is the unsubsidized rate of $10 a day. This includes the two meals and delivery.

Another considerable benefit to Meals On Wheels is that the volunteer drivers who deliver the food to their customers are committed to reducing the isolation experienced by so many elderly. Frequently the driver may be the only person providing human contact and a safety net, particularly to those Seniors who live alone. Often the driver can accommodate the time or manner of delivery so that it works best with the recipient’s lifestyle.

Information and referral services are available to those who use Meals On Wheels. Upon request, a staff member may schedule a home visit to provide support, information and assistance regarding other services which may also be suitable for someone in a specific situation.

For more information call Elder Services at (203) 757-7738 in Greater Waterbury, (203) 743-5418 in Greater Danbury, or email Nutrition [at] NewOppInc [dot] org.

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