InHome Services

CHORE, Companion and Homemaker Services

InHome Services provides services for senior adults living independantlyPersons age 60 or older who live in a house or apartment, rent or own, are eligible for affordable help with housecleaning, minor home repairs, yard work and more through InHome Services.

The InHome Services helps older adults to maintain a safe and healthy environment.  Those who lack other means of obtaining services are particularly encouraged to use this program.

Clients are asked to make a voluntary contribution for the CHORE and homemaker services based on their income. All clients are expected to provide cleaning and lawn care supplies along with the necessary equipment. They should be prepared to pay for any materials installed in their home, such as a smoke detector.

The InHome Service worker can provide a variety of services to the client. These include:

  • Shopping / Errands
  • Medical or Business Appointment Escort
  • Companion / Friendly Visitor
  • Minor Handyman Jobs (such as installation of safety equipment or smoke detectors)
  • Yard Work (such as lawn mowing, raking, hedge trimming)
  • Housecleaning (tasks that are necessary for the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment)

For more information call Elder Services at (203) 575-4268 or email Elder [at] NewOppInc [dot] org.

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