Fact Sheet

Agency Customer Profile

  • 60,278 people benefitted from CAA services
  • 25,761 households benefitted from CAA services

NOI provided service to over 12.2% of entire Service Area Population. This means that 1 in 8 people in our 27 town region were touched by NOI services.

Top 5 Towns Served in NOI Service area by percentage of Total Population Served:

  • Waterbury – 28.8%
  • Meriden – 22%
  • Torrington – 13.5%
  • Winchester – 11%
  • Thomaston – 9.5%

Demographic Breakdown for NOI Customers:

  • 41.8% Caucasian;
  • 35.6% - Hispanic;
  • 12.6% African American

Further examination of the NOI Service area reveals that the agency provided services to 36.4% of the entire Hispanic Population in the region; 24% of the entire African American Population in the region; and 6.1% of Caucasian population

Household Breakdown

  • 49.9% of Households had at least 1 adult working 30.7% of Households were supported by Social Security Income
  • This means that only 1 out of every 5 households receiving services from NOI has no adults working (where adults are able to work)

Outcome Highlights by Service Category

Employment and Training

  • 2,411 obtained skills/competencies/credentials required for employment
  • 847 people obtained employment or self-employment

Financial Literacy and Asset Development

  • $1,083,937 in earned income, and child tax credits obtained by customers receiving tax preparation services
  • 23 people increased their savings through opening and/or maintaining IDA accounts  
  • 5 people assisted in purchasing their 1st home and received matched savings in addition to homebuyer education and counseling

Early Childhood Programs

  • 745 children participate in pre-school activities that develop school readiness skills
  • 559 children (ages 0-5) receive age appropriate immunizations, medical, and dental care

Housing and Shelter Services

  • 2,868 housing units are preserved or improved through weatherization services
  • 1,139 households obtained/maintained safe, affordable housing

Energy Assistance and Weatherization

  • 21,409 households avoided heat utility termination through LIHEAP energy assistance
  • 2,868 households decreased their energy usage due to weatherization services

Senior Support Services

  • 13,540 vulnerable senior citizens who maintain independent living status through supportive services
  • 625 low income seniors obtain $218,750 in state tax relief benefits through CAA application assistance services

Youth Development and After School Services

  • 152 youth obtain job skills and employment experience
  • 165 non-custodial fathers increase their time spent with child to foster parent-child relationship Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

  • 10,212 obtain food assistance services
  • 619,668 meals served

Health and Counseling  

  • 2,939 obtained health care services for themselves or family member
  • 975 youth improve physical health and development
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