Connecticut Center for Supportive Assembly to Manufacturing

The Connecticut Center for Supportive Assembly to Manufacturing (CT CSAM) is an essential change for New Opportunities Inc. (NO Inc.) from our past approach (formally known as In the Making) with respect to providing assembly and quality assurance work for regional manufacturers. As a training program alone with very few permanent staff it became clear that changes had to occur in our approach to get product delivery to contractors on time with the expected quality associated with it. Moreover, the past methods always had the operation running in the red due to inconsistent trainee attendance. Hence, work studies were conducted and they revealed that a new approach needed to be put in place without jeopardizing the original intent of the program regarding the training of people while assuring quality service to our customers.

CT CSAM will continue to employ individuals that are experiencing poverty and other barriers to obtaining full time work that leads them to self sufficiency, however, the new process will incorporate the following:

  • Engage people with more hours of work per week and giving them employee status. We anticipate having up to twelve to fifteen individuals employed for short term to long term periods (one to three years).
  • Coupled with employment individuals working for CT CSAM will also have access to computer training, math, language, life skills, online GED, High School Diploma completion , counseling to and enter community college training to acquire to new skill sets for future employment opportunities.
  • Also CT CSAM will provide services to individuals in the area of manufacturing work experience, internships/externships coupled with other academic, computer skills training, life skills, counseling and other supportive services in conjunction with other programs in the area that assist the very poor, welfare recipients, BRS, DMHAS,WIA , TFA and JFES customers. About 15 to 20 consumers will be served per year.

To this end, the CT CSAM will provide work and training that leads to better future economic opportunity for people while simultaneously having the ability to take on new work and customers coupled with an organizational ability to grow quality services to Connecticut Manufacturers and expand staff and trainee services in the community. Indeed, CT CSAM is our new framework to accomplish this end.

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