From Boys To Men Enrichment Program

The From Boys To Men Enrichment Program was created in 2005 to assist African-American and Latino young Men with their educational process and to help them develop a higher sense of importance in their overall grades. Currently, the program is open to young men grades 8-12, and participants must not be in any alternative schooling.

A series of weekly enrichment sessions focus on:

  • Setting goals for student achievement and educational empowerment
  • Reinforcing the importance of developing a positive self-image
  • Instilling pride through cultural/historical exposure and experience
  • Developing a sense of importance of community responsibility
  • Making healthy choices by addressing health issues

Program Objectives:

Fun Enrichments ~ Activities ~ Social Awareness ~ Community Projects ~ Educational Rewards ~ Rites of Passage ~ Learning ~ Success ~ Pride ~ Commitment ~ Respect ~ Leadership ~ Self-Esteem

The "Rites of Passage" and "The Journey"

Rites of Passage promote a brotherhood and friendship with peers and help to prepare young men for adulthood. In addition, the program covers such topics as self-esteem, manhood, self-sufficiency, values, family and community history, cultural history, sexuality and careers.

During the journey, the program participants receive guidance from Staff Members who themselves have completed the From Boys To Men Enrichment Program. There is no cost for the program. Participants are required to maintain at least a “C” average to remain eligible for the program.

The program requires active participation and commitment from all involved. A Parent Support Group consisting of participant’s parents must support the program and assists with sideline activities. Parental involvement is required, and is a key to the success of the program. 

The From Boys To Men Enrichment Program meets the first, second and third Saturday mornings of each month from September through April from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon at the offices of New Opportunities of Greater Meriden, 74 Cambridge Street , Meriden, CT.

For more information on the program and interview process contact, Tony McQuiller at 203-376-4242.

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