Automated Benefits Calculator

CAFCA's Automated Benefits Calculator (ABC) is a internet questionnaire that screens for eligibility for many of the state and federal human service programs available to people who live in Connecticut.

By answering just a few questions you can see if you may be able to get help with groceries, school lunches, doctor bills, medication, heating costs, or even money for your day-to-day expenses. Based on the information you provide, ABC will help you start the benefit enrollment process. 

Currently, ABC determines eligibility for the following New Opportunities programs and services: Energy Assistance, Weatherization, WRAP (Weatherization Residential Assistance Partnership), Early Childhood Education, Head Start, Early Head Start, DaycareSchool Readiness, Infant Care and Summer Food Service.

Please note, it takes approximatly 15 to 20 minutes to complete the online assessment form.

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